Mobile screening is primarily intended to screen consignments which cannot be secured by means of X-ray checks and where alternative screening methods are not available on site. In mobile screening, explosive trace detection (ETD), visual inspection, and hand search are applied.

In individual cases, the mobile screening unit can also be used to man X-ray inspection systems if no own staff is available.

In all cases the mobile screening unit client must be a registered regulated agent, and must carry out the screening process in an approved safety area at his facilities.

Mobile Kontrolle

The 5 steps of mobile screening

  1. Firstly, a contract between the client (Regulated Agent) and STI must be made; this must be presented as verification to the supervisory authority.

  2. The client supplements his airfreight safety program (LFSP) to the extent that controls or additional control methods are carried out at his safe location by STI. Since a Regulated Agent can always assign a security status only at his own location, the Principal acts as the authority granting the security status.

  3. The client submits his adapted air cargo security program to the German FAA and waits for approval. The updated air cargo security program must be submitted with the contract.

  4. At the same time, STI deals with the radiation protection requirements. A general authorization for mobile use is already available in selected federal states.

  5. Once approval has been given by the German FAA, a request for use may be issued at any time at short notice. In individual cases, please call us to inquire about availability and subsequently order by email.